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Wardrobe Plan: Tennis

26 Jun

Nothing gets me quite as excited for tennis as Wimbledon.  The grass!  The outfits (white, of course)!

Wardrobe Plan: Tennis

Are you watching Wimbledon this year?  Princess Catherine is (and so am I)!


Wardrobe Plan: Ballet

15 May

And now it’s on to Ballet. I started doing adult ballet about a year ago, having no dance experience at all. If you’ve always kinda wanted to be a ballerina but were unable to in your youth, the adult classes are definitely something to check out. Since everyone is an adult, there is no pressure to perform, the emphasis is on proper positioning and you can go at your own pace. Luckily it doesn’t take a whole lot in the wardrobe department either.

Workout Plan: Ballet

All you really need is a pair of ballet shoes and tight-ish clothes. Watch the sizing on your shoes though! Some brands do mens sizes for everything, turning my size 6 into a size 4. They also come in a variety of widths, so be sure you get the right one. You should probably look buying your first pair in person so you can try them on and get the perfect size.

I also recommend wearing leggings and a pair of short shorts like soffe’s for modesty. Then throw on a fitted cotten T and you’re good to go.  Or you could go the whole tights/leotard thing if you want. Not many people in my class do that though. I feel like you have to be more advanced to pull that off.

Wardrobe Plan: Running

17 Apr

Now, you’d think all you would need is a good pair of running shoes and that’s it.  Surprisingly, I tend to need many things to run

Wardrobe Plan: Running

Yeah, you need a good pair of shoes. (My favorite pair is Nike, but watch the sizing!  I’m normally a size 6 in shoes, but I wear a 7.5 in Nike running shoes.  I don’t know why they are so different, but they fit like a glove and I love them).  But you also need clothing that’s appropriate for the weather, which means you can end up needing many different pieces depending on where you are!

I’m (trying) to be a year-round runner, even though I suffer from extreme bouts of laziness and procrastination.  This year I bought myself a thermal hoodie and pants so I could go running at night in the winter.  An important thing to remember about running in the winter is that it gets dark earlier, so reflective clothing is a must.  I also got a mid-weight jacket that would repel water in our normally rainy springs.  Although the whole “normally rainy” thing hasn’t happened this year.  I also bought some mid-weight pants (both with reflective strips) so I have appropriate gear for the fall/spring.  I’ve been looking for reflective shorts, but I guess manufacturers think that if you’re wearing shorts, it’s probably light out.  They are probably right, but I’m sure there are some areas of the world where it’s hot, even at night.  Finally, you need a good moisture-wicking shirt and sports bra.

Whew!  That’s a lot of stuff for something that should just require shoes! (And don’t forget an iphone to log your miles and headphones to hear some tunes)

But my secret to running is this guy


Isn’t he the most adorable guy ever?  Yep.  He likes his runs.  He tends to think he’s a sled dog, unless he’s wearing this harness

It’s the Easy Walk reflective harness.  It tightens across his chest/legs when he pulls which prevents him from pulling very hard or for very long.

It’s the little things, like not having your arm being jerked from its socket because your dog saw a squirrel that makes it all worth while.  That, and the huge grin he has on his face when we’re done, and the subsequent nap.

Wardrobe Plan: Yoga

27 Mar

Now that Spring has sprung and bikini season is right around the corner, it’s a good time to go through your workout gear.  I actually do a few different kinds of workouts.  I do ballet, yoga, tennis, and run.  But today I’m going to talk about yoga.  The good thing about yoga is that it doesn’t really require much “specialized” gear.  All you need is tops, bottoms, a mat and some shoes to get from the yoga place and back.


All you really need is a mat (and you can even rent or borrow those from your yoga place if you don’t want to buy).  I have my own because it came with a workout dvd and it works just fine. Although it’s not quite as pretty as the one pictured here.  I’m on the fence about whether or not to get a mat holder like the one pictured above.  I can see the need if you’re walking a couple of blocks to class, but I typically drive.


For the tops I prefer simple t-shirts in long or short sleeves (depending on the season) which are long enough to reach a little past my hips so I don’t get any belly exposure in any pose, and tight enough that the shirts stay in place.  I have a couple of v-neck short sleeve CK shirts that I have been wearing and they work well.  The moisture-wicking special shirts aren’t really needed in yoga in my opinion, unless maybe you’re doing “hot” yoga.  But since I do a couple of different activities, I like to buy just one kind of shirt that I can comfortably use for everything. I don’t really have any good long sleeve shirts though, for some reason all my long sleeve shirts tend to be too short, isn’t that weird?


For pants I like to have one long and one cropped.  I’m seriously considering purchasing the Victoria Secret one that is a part of this set since I don’t really have a good pair of cropped yoga pants.


Now you don’t use the shoes during yoga, but you can’t exactly walk around barefoot everywhere.  I think a nice pair of comfortable slip on shoes is the perfect thing to wear.  No messing with shoe laces or socks or any of that mess.  The ones pictured are “yoga mat” shoes which just sounds cool, not to mention comfortable.  I typically wear whatever grungy flip flops I have around though.

What I need

  • long sleeve shirts (x2)
  • one pair cropped yoga pants (maybe the ones from victoria secret?)
  • Maybe some less embarrassing pre/post yoga shoes?
  • Maybe a yoga mat holder?

The number of each item you need will depend on how often you wash your clothes (we tend to wash every 2 weeks around here, and I do yoga 1x per week, so I need 2 of everything).  In general, getting a whole lot of work out gear probably isn’t a good idea just because you’re probably going to lose weight (that’s the point, right?) and that means you’ll obviously be changing size.  My long yoga pants are getting a little too big for me, but it’s getting to be warm here, so I’ll wait until the fall to reassess the size of those pants.