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Out with the old, In with the new

21 Jan

Ah, the New Year, time for resolutions that will be quickly forgotten.

4th of July, 2007 080

Now why are New Years resolutions quickly abandoned every year?  On the radio I think they said the average person keeps their resolutions for a week.  A WEEK!?  That doesn’t sound very good.  But it’s no wonder considering the majority of New Years resolutions dealing with weight issues; it’s too gosh darn cold outside to have an ounce of motivation to work out.  Seriously, what sort of crazy person wants to work out in the dead of winter?!?  I know you’re out there crazy people, but it isn’t happening in the casa de Allison.


I think that instead of making one big resolution that covers the whole year, I will make 4 smaller resolutions: one for each season.

My winter resolution?  De-cluttering!

The winter seems like the perfect time to sit in a cozy house mulling over the things you own deciding what to keep, what to sell, what to freecycle, and what to donate.  Of course since our heatpump died last summer, the house isn’t quite as cozy and the electric bill has been quite a bit higher, but I digress.  Oh well.  Maybe selling some of our things will make the cost to stay warm not sting as much.