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WIP: Butter Yellow

18 Jul

I have the pieces all re-cut out and a plan in mind..


Wadders to Wearables

17 Jul

Is it too late to change my summer resolution from the vague and cliche “have more fun” to “turn my wadders into wearable/ usable items”? I hope not. I think getting some of these half done and made but not loved items out of my sewing room will be good for me. And hey, I might even have a little fun along the way.

First up is this yellow shirt/dress thing I made for Easter a couple of years ago.  It was a project that I chose to learn how to use my rolled hem foot.  See all those ruffles?  Yeah, they are all finished with the rolled hem foot.  Unfortunately, I didn’t really take any notes.  So I’ve basically forgotten all of the “tricks” I came up with to do all those hems.  But that’s what this blog is for, right?

Why is it a wadder?

Notice the weird gaping along the neckline?  I tried to get rid of it, but was unsuccessful.

Then, I finally realized that I couldn’t actually pull off this style.  I already look young for my age.  Add in a very baby doll/ youth top and I look like I’m just not very mature.  I think it’s the sleeves that put me off.  Or maybe it’s the skirt?  The rest of the fabric/style is just not sophisticated enough for me to pull off puffy sleeves/tiny skirt and not look like I’m trying to compete in Toddlers in Tiaras.

I didn’t even like it enough to take a decent photo.

I do, however like peasant-y tops, so I’m hoping to transform this from baby doll to something a little more wearable.  You know take off the sleeves, some of the ruffles..

Have you turned any wadders into something you really love?  Have any tips to share?