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Pattern Picks: Vogue Fall 2012

14 Aug

Vogue has come out with their Fall line up of patterns, here are some of my favorites


Love the color blocking and the lines.  It seems like it would be a very flattering dress provided the V neck doesn’t end up being too low.  I love how they color blocked it so that the lighter color is in the middle, and it gets darker toward the outside.  Instant slimming!


I love this cardigan!  I could totally see myself wearing it.  I wonder how well those folds at the top stay so perfectly folded though?  Do you think they would be kind of flappy? Anyone have experience with this style?


A quite lovely wrap top.  It’s pretty plain, but I think it looks flattering.  The fit (should) at least be easy because you can just wrap it around your body to conform, although the front might turn out gape-y.


I included this one, just because I thought the style lines were a little interesting.  The shirt is a little longer in the back than in the front, and it has some nice shaping.  I’m not too sure I like the cowl though, it seems kind of wimpy, don’t you think?


I like the one sided drape on this top (View C) the best.   A wrap dress is such a versatile thing to have in your closet!


I think I just love the fabric on this one.  Large hounds tooth anyone?  Don’t mind if I do.


This coat shape was all over the runways this year.  I’m not sure who (other than models) can pull it off though.   Instead of defining the waist, they have added more fabric making a kind of egg shape.  Obviously super skinny super tall people look okay in it, but would a normal person?  Would the extra fabric disguise a little bit of a tummy, or highlight it?  This is one of those shapes I’d have to find in a store and try it on before I wasted my time (and fabric) trying to sew it!

What were your favorites?  Have you ever taken a chance with a clothing shape?


Vogue Patterns Summer 2012

26 Apr

Vogue’s new summer patterns are out, and here are my favs:


Love the details!


At first glance, I wasn’t really “wowed” by this look.  Then I noticed the off center zipper on the back.  I would get this pattern just to figure out how this thing is constructed more than anything else.  LOVE the zipper.


This top is very basic, but I like it.  I think it would look good under a blazer for work.


Since peplums are so “in” this Spring, this would be a good “on trend” top to make.


And last, but not least


The Channel style tweed jacket.  I know, you’ve probably seen a million patterns like this, I know I have.  But this is a Claire Shaeffer’s Custom Couture Collection pattern.  What does that mean?  It means the pattern directions give you (good) step by step directions to construct it in the way that an actual Channel jacket is constructed.  The directions alone would be worth the purchase.  I know, you could probably find the directions somewhere online, but to have the pattern and directions all together and all coordinate is worth the hassle of scouring the interwebs.

Vogue Patterns Spring 2012

13 Feb


Donna Karen Collection


Black strappy dress.  It looks a-mazing.. but check out the line drawing


Still amazing, but soo complicated!  And it’s only rated as “average,” can you believe that?  I loathe to find out what they call “advanced.”  Maybe it’s because the recommended fabric is a knit?   Either way it would take me a ton of time to put this one together, and looks tricky to fit.


Donna Karen New York


This one is kinda hard to see with the busy print, so here’s the line drawing

Line Art

Don’t you just love the pockets?  I would love to see how this one is constructed.  It’s definitely on my “to buy” list.


Pattern Fail

I just had to show this one too


Donna Karen Collection


I mean look at the model’s derrière!  This skirt pattern must be the most unflattering thing on the planet.  Even the model’s butt looks horrible.  Notice how the front view just has her squatting.  You know that means the front must look even worse than the back.  I like the shirt though.  I love a good drape.  It’s just too bad they paired it with such an obviously bad skirt.

Vogue Patterns Summer 2011

13 Apr

No sooner do I make my selections for Vogue Spring patterns, they release their summer patterns!  Pattern overload!


Kay Unger New York



Chado Ralph Rucci



DKNY Donna Karen New York



Guy Laroche



Vogue Wardrobe


I love wardrobe patterns, but is this one too arrow pointing to crotch?

And now for my bonus funky pattern:




I know the top looks a little funky (to say the least) but I think that it might make a superb smock.  It looks easy to put on over your clothes, and secures with a tie around the waist.

Vogue Patterns Spring 2011

28 Mar

I like:


Trend: “Pajama Dressing”


A lovely shirt dress with belt which is a part of the Donna Karen Collection


Trend: “Bold Color” , “Eclectic Chic”, or “Minimal White”, depending on what fabric you use


A lovely dress also by Donna Karen, but in her DKNY line


Trend: “Bold Color” , “Eclectic Chic”, or “Minimal White”, depending on what fabric you use


Another beautiful dress, (wow I like a lot of the dresses this time around, don’t I?), by Anne Klein


Trend: “Bold Color” , “Eclectic Chic”, or “Minimal White”, depending on what fabric you use


A tulip skit in the Vogue Easy Options collection.


I’m currently on a pattern/fabric buying hiatus, but a girl can dream, right?