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Make This Look: Valentino Pre Fall 2012

9 Jul
Make This Look: Valentino Pre Fall 2012

Butterick Summer/Fall Preview 2012

27 Jun

After I was surprisingly impressed with Butterick’s Early Summer offerings, I was looking forward to their new patterns.  I didn’t like as many patterns, but I still think they have some good ones!


Butterick Summer 2012 B5780

I really love the look of this dress in white.  The black version they have the model wearing is no where near as stellar as this illustration.  It does make me wonder if the illustration just makes the garment look better.  Ever looked at a pattern illustration and had it come out nothing like it?  Yeah, me too.  Although I think with this one it is the definition of the pleats that I’m in to, which should stand out more in a lighter colored fabric.


Butterick Summer 2012 B5782

Call me a sucker for bows. and pockets.  I just couldn’t resist a dress that offered both.


Butterick Summer 2012 B5778

Oh yeah, make love to the camera Misses’ Dress.  This dress has a cowl neck, but also bust seams, which should make shaping around ample (or not so ample) bosoms a breeze.


What are your favorites?

Make This Look: Louis Vuitton Pre Fall 2012

25 Jun
Make This Look: Louis Vuitton Pre Fall 2012

Summer Resolutions

20 Jun


Happy Summer Solstice!  While I feel like summer starts on Memorial Day since that’s the day all the pools and waterparks open around here, today is the first official day of summer.  And boy is it hot and humid here.  So official start of summer = new Summer Resolutions.  But first, let’s look back on how well I did on my Spring Resolutions.  This spring I resolved to start (and finish) new projects.  So let’s see how I did

I got my dessert on

eater cupcakes

I created an easter menu, including a delicious pineapple coconut cupcake.  (Highly recommend!)

Lemon Icebox Pie Ice Cream

I made some delicious Lemon Icebox Pie Ice Cream. Hmm.. I guess you can tell I really love desserts!

I did some DIYing

how to reupholster dinining room chairs

I reupholstered my dining room chairs, although it took way longer than I thought it would.

How to Make a Coat Rack

I made a coat rack, which wasn’t without it’s own trials, though was a fairly quick project anyway.

Planter Flowers

I watched my planters grow and GROW.

I did a little sewing

Burda 02-2010-112 fitting

I entered the One Pattern, Many Looks contest.  Although I’m waaayy behind!


Overall, not too bad!  I did get a lot of things started (and done)  minus the One Pattern, Many Looks contest, which isn’t quite over yet anyway.  I’m thinking my 5 looks are going to be cropped down to 3.  I have look 2 ( the lace top) all cut out, just waiting to be sewn together.

On to my Summer Resolutions!  To me, summer is about beaches, fun, and friends.  So this summer, I resolve to get out and have some fun!

New Look Summer 2012

30 May

After the snooze fest that was Simplity’s Summer 2012 pattern line up, I wasn’t expecting much from it sister company, New Look.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  First up

New Look 6120

A simple, yet chic dress from the Project Runway Workroom collection.  What’s different between the Workroom collection from New Look and the Project Runway collection from Simplicity?  I have no idea.  I guess the parent company just wanted to cash in on the popularity of Project Runway (since Simplicity and New Look are both owned by the same company).   I have to say I like the packaging of the Workroom collection more though.  It’s easier to see the design and looks modern and fresh.

New Look 6122

Mix and match patterns are great, aren’t they?  I always feel like you get a good bang for your buck when you buy one of these.  I can see this dress being made into lingerie, a casual summer dress, or even a fancy evening gown (if you made it out of luscious silk jersey).  Talk about versatile!

New Look 6123

What can I say about this one?  I just like it.  Frilly sleeves and all.  This is probably one of those “hit or miss” patterns for people.

New Look 6130

I love the peplum top!  It’s very “on trend” right now, but I think it is also very work appropriate.  I’m always looking for decent outfits to wear to my casual/business casual office that’s not soo generic.  You know what I mean?

Simplicity Summer 2012

23 May

Well, not much “wowed” me in the Simplicity summer line up, but I was able to pick out a few interesting designs.  First up


I like the angled peplum look, though I don’t know how “wearable” it is.  I also like the collared version.


What can I say about this one?  It’s simple.  It’s nice.


I like the style lines on this one, but dislike the piping on the skirt part.

..and that’s it.

I told you I wasn’t very impressed with this season’s offerings.  I didn’t lie.  But as much as I wasn’t really impressed, there also wasn’t anything hilariously awful.  Which is disappointing.  Oh well.  Maybe next season.

Butterick Summer 2012

16 May

Somehow I never considered myself a “Butterick” girl.  Or maybe it’s just not the first thing that pops into my head when I’m thinking about sewing patterns?  But I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out this summer’s offerings.  I happen to like 4 of them!  Maybe I should take a closer look at Butterick in the future…


Dress pattern by Suzi Chin maggy boutique.  Love the crossed front and the modesty panel.  I imagine this made with a light chiffon to give the floaty skirt some movement.  I even love the slight v on the back.


Another dress by Suzi Chin maggy boutique, this time with a drapped cowl front and gathered waist band.  Made out of a comfortable jersey, this would make an awesome casual summer dress.



I like the lifestyle wardrobe option.  It makes you feel like you can make a million different outfits with less work.  I need to use one of these to make myself a tried and true pattern I can quickly go to when I want something new.


And my last pattern pick is (yet another) summer-y dress.  I love the pockets!  I hope they don’t stick out when you wear it though (hate that).

I guess I have a thing for summer dresses, even though I don’t have many in my wardrobe.  Do you ever find yourself drawn to something, but never seem to wear it?