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Stitch magazine

21 Mar

So a little while ago I found a Stitch magazine in a bookstore, and I enjoyed it so I looked into getting a subscription.  Now their subscription process is funny to say the least.  You have to pay $.99 for the privilege of having them send you an issue to your home.  Say what?  But they’ll give you a discount on each issue, like, you know, every other subscription service ever.  But whatever, I did it anyway.  To me, there is probably just one too many ads in it for the cost, but I like that it has patterns in it (though mostly home décor related) and additional patterns online that you can download here.  You could probably even download the patterns once you sign up for their newsletter (free).  Each magazine highlights a technique or fabric and I tend to find those informative.  Although I’ve noticed that they tend to send those articles out in the newsletter as well.


I probably won’t subscribe to it for much longer, to be honest, since I think threads is probably a better deal.  It’s a shame, really, since I did enjoy some of the patterns, even if they weren’t styled that well.

In this issue I like the shorts

and this tote is interesting, mostly because the material it is made out of is window mesh.  I would have never thought about using that

I’ll probably finish out the year, see how much of it I really like and end up sewing.  So far I’ve only made something “inspired” by one of the patterns.