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I made it!

12 Aug

I saw an article in the NY Times about how flower arranging classes have started to attract young people.

“People our age, even if they could afford to call and order an arrangement, would rather say they made it,” Ms. Ryhanen said. “Versus 20 years ago, when the point of pride was saying you bought the arrangement — that you could afford to buy it.” NY Times

I think this is so true.  I think this change in thinking has a large part to do with the availability of easy credit.  Now that anyone can get a credit card (and it is ridiculously easy to get one) anyone can afford to by anything they want, as long as they’re willing to go into debt that is.  Because of this, the intrinsic value of things that are purchased is lowered substantially.  Who cares if you can afford to buy it?  So can everyone else.

Now I think time more than money is a larger determination of value.

If you want a floral arrangement, you just call the nearest flower delivery place and place an order.  It takes very little time and credit is easy, so you don’t even have to have the money.  But to make your own arrangement, and be good at it, requires time to pick out the flowers, time to make the arrangement, and time to perfect your skill.

I think we’ll see a shift toward sewing as well, but the key is to be good at it.  I don’t know if the term “home sewn” will ever have a positive meaning, but “custom tailored” certainly does, and that’s exactly what you do when you sew.  After all, the clothes that look the best and feel the best on you are the clothes that fit your body.  Sewing gives you the flexibility to tailor any garment to fit you not only acceptably, but immaculately.  In fact, I think if you’re good at sewing, your wardrobe could out match any “designer” brand, just because it fits you better.

So sew away my friends!