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Pattern Picks: Vogue Fall 2012

14 Aug

Vogue has come out with their Fall line up of patterns, here are some of my favorites


Love the color blocking and the lines.  It seems like it would be a very flattering dress provided the V neck doesn’t end up being too low.  I love how they color blocked it so that the lighter color is in the middle, and it gets darker toward the outside.  Instant slimming!


I love this cardigan!  I could totally see myself wearing it.  I wonder how well those folds at the top stay so perfectly folded though?  Do you think they would be kind of flappy? Anyone have experience with this style?


A quite lovely wrap top.  It’s pretty plain, but I think it looks flattering.  The fit (should) at least be easy because you can just wrap it around your body to conform, although the front might turn out gape-y.


I included this one, just because I thought the style lines were a little interesting.  The shirt is a little longer in the back than in the front, and it has some nice shaping.  I’m not too sure I like the cowl though, it seems kind of wimpy, don’t you think?


I like the one sided drape on this top (View C) the best.   A wrap dress is such a versatile thing to have in your closet!


I think I just love the fabric on this one.  Large hounds tooth anyone?  Don’t mind if I do.


This coat shape was all over the runways this year.  I’m not sure who (other than models) can pull it off though.   Instead of defining the waist, they have added more fabric making a kind of egg shape.  Obviously super skinny super tall people look okay in it, but would a normal person?  Would the extra fabric disguise a little bit of a tummy, or highlight it?  This is one of those shapes I’d have to find in a store and try it on before I wasted my time (and fabric) trying to sew it!

What were your favorites?  Have you ever taken a chance with a clothing shape?


Burda Style August 2012

7 Aug

Well August is well on its way, and I haven’t given you my pattern picks for the August issue of Burda Style.  The horror!

Well, here they are



A very pretty scarf like neckline shirt.  Can’t wear a jacket with it though, it completely loses its appeal when viewed from the front.



A plain, but wearable dress.  The gathered neckline and raglan sleeves should make it easier to fit at least.  Not quite sure about the shiny material though.  Or the birdcage.  Who walks around holding a birdcage anyway?  Maybe she’s sad her bird didn’t much like the ugly cage she picked out for it and now she has to throw it away?



Another scarfy neckline top.  This time, the scarf is in the front.




A peplum top, one of the trends from the spring.



A very nice dress.   In black it’s hard to see the construction lines, so here they are

D0esn’t that look nice?

and finally



An inverse kick pleat.  I don’t know about you, but when I golf, I do it in heals and look confused by passing birds.


Well, there you have it folks, my picks for August.  What did you like?  Do you ever give the models commentary or a back story?

McCall’s Patterns Fall 2012

19 Jul

Can you believe the fall patterns are out already?

My favs:


I never would have thought to pair a cowl neck with a collar, but I really like the way it looks!  (At least in the picture).


If you’re not ready for the crazy cowl/collar combination, there is always a classic cowl.  I love the 3/4 length sleeve and the side gathers.


I just love the back on this one!


A little plain, but very wearable I think.

Have you noticed that most of the patterns this season are Fashion Star patterns?  What do you think about them?

Burda Style July 2012

11 Jul

The July issue of the Burda Style Magazine had a lot of very cute tops!

For example 115


07.12.115 model photo

Doesn’t that top just look adorable?  I don’t know why the model is making such a strange face though.  But check out the line drawing

07.2012.115 line drawing

Hello two squares of fabric, two short straps and a belt!  Who would have known something so simple could look so chic?

Next up: 116


07.2012.116 line drawing

Not quite as simple as 115, but it should be fairly easy to make.  The hardest part will be gathering the neck and sewing the binding!  Bonus: no buttons or zippers, a simple tie closes the blouse

Next blouse: 108


07.2012.108 model photo

07.2012.108 line drawing

Another cute blouse!  I just love the bow.  Plus, they made this simple by cutting it on the bias and leaving the hems unsewn.  Love that.

And the last cute blouse of the issue? 136A


07.2012.136A model photo

07.2012.136A line drawing

Its a plus sized blouse and I love the wide v that goes over the shoulders.  Although looking at the model photo, it appears the neck is quite wide, since it is sliding off of her!  I would probably try to adjust that, unless you’re going for an 80’s one shoulder look.

But what to wear with all these cute tops? Skinny jeans like view 130!


07.2012.130 model photo

07.2012.130 line drawing

I like the back yoke (to make for easier fitting) and the cuffs.  The photo makes these look skin tight, so I would definitely go with a material that stretches.

What would you make from this issue?

Butterick Summer/Fall Preview 2012

27 Jun

After I was surprisingly impressed with Butterick’s Early Summer offerings, I was looking forward to their new patterns.  I didn’t like as many patterns, but I still think they have some good ones!


Butterick Summer 2012 B5780

I really love the look of this dress in white.  The black version they have the model wearing is no where near as stellar as this illustration.  It does make me wonder if the illustration just makes the garment look better.  Ever looked at a pattern illustration and had it come out nothing like it?  Yeah, me too.  Although I think with this one it is the definition of the pleats that I’m in to, which should stand out more in a lighter colored fabric.


Butterick Summer 2012 B5782

Call me a sucker for bows. and pockets.  I just couldn’t resist a dress that offered both.


Butterick Summer 2012 B5778

Oh yeah, make love to the camera Misses’ Dress.  This dress has a cowl neck, but also bust seams, which should make shaping around ample (or not so ample) bosoms a breeze.


What are your favorites?

Burda Style June 2012

13 Jun

Seems this months Burda Style Magazine slipped my mind, and they already have July’s issue up!  Oh well.. I’ll get to July later.  But now it’s time for June!  I’m pretty consistently not impressed with Burda Style Magazine offerings at first glance, but when I actually get around to picking out styles I like, I choose quite a few.


I thought the shoulders on this one were interesting.  I don’t know how flattering they are or if I would actually wear such a thing, but they’re interesting.


It’s just a plain gathered skirt, but there is something about the color or the extra seam line that resonates with me.  I could probably draft my own version of this pretty easily though, so not “buy this magazine now” worthy or anything.


I’m sort of on the fence on this one.  I like the lace and the whole flapper feel to it, but I just don’t think I would look very good in it. I could be wrong.

Bonus: it’s a part of Burda Style’s June Couture Challenge.


Plunging neckline? check.  Cute kick pleat?  double check.  I was a little unimpressed with the front, but the back sold me.


I actually just really love the fabric on this one.  Simple design lines + large weave = love


I really love this jacket.  I just wish I had the skills to make something like this.  It’s kind of urban-jockey, no?

..and finally


Just a simple black dress. Perhaps a bit of a yawn, but the back “v” is very cute, and it’s very wearable.

What design is your favorite?  I’d have to vote for the jacket (121).  Now if only it would magically make itself.

Burda Style Spring/Summer 2012

6 Jun

Did you know that Burda Style is a pattern set from Simplicity as well as a magazine?  I’ve updated my tags so that BurdaStyleMagazine will refer the the magazine, and BurdaStyle will refer to the pattern.  In the US it’s probably a bit easier to get your hands on the Burda Style patterns rather than the magazine.  I’ve seen Burda Style patterns in the fabric shops around where I live, but no magazine.  If you want to order the magazine, you have to do it through glpnews.com.

Side note: OMG I can’t believe they’ve taken away the German Burda Easy Fashion magazine from their list!  Now you can only get it in Russian.  First they took away English, now German, Russian is the only one left!  Seems like that magazine is dying, sad, really.

Moving on.. There were so many patterns that I liked in the Spring/Summer 2012 collection that I had a hard time choosing!  I narrowed it down to my top 10


I just love this top.  I think the draping around the neck is really beautiful on view B.  The good thing is that it seems very similar to this top

which is from Burda Easy Fashion Spring/Summer 2010, view 3C (which I already have).  Very similar backs and front pleat thing.  Maybe I can figure out how to do view B without buying this pattern?


What’s not to love about this shirt dress/ jacket pattern?


Love cowl necks.  I especially love it on the dress!  And the chunky bracelets.  I wonder where you can buy those?


Love the bow neckline and the keyhole dress.  Not a huge fan of the bow shirt being attached to the skirt, but that should be an easy edit.  Then you’d get a shirt, a dress, and a skirt out of this pattern.


This one I love purely because it’s a beach wrap.  It looks like with just some well placed loops and a rectangle of fabric you can make a boardwalk worthy ensemble.  I’m betting the key is picking the right fabric for this one.  Something light maybe like a chiffon or georgette to float as you walk.


Speaking of floating when you walk… I especially love view A of this pattern.  It reminds me of a ballerina, in a good way.


I don’t know how side pleats would look on me, but I love the way they look on models!  This dress seems so sophisticated, doesn’t it?


But nothing says “sophisticated” like a vintage inspired kick pleat skirt.  This might be one that only looks good if you have the waist the size of a fist (seriously, her waist is the size of her head, that’s just wrong).  But the line drawing seems more in proportion– and I still like it.  So I have high hopes.


Can you tell I have summer on the brain?  Yeah.  This would make a great summer maxi dress.  I like the option of a covered shoulder as well, you don’t often see that.


And last, but not least, a formal dress.  In honor of the Diamond Jubilee, I award this one the superlative Most Likely To Be Worn By A Royal.  You can’t tell me this doesn’t have “queen” (or at least “Princess Catherine”) written all over it.