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Party Idea: Glowing Tables

24 May

Well, Memorial Day and the official beginning of summer is almost here.  In my mind I have already planned out many a summer get together — complete with impeccable food, delicious cocktails, and memorable decorations.  I therefore dream of hosting many more parties than I actually throw.  Kind of like how I wish sewing elves would make me a new wardrobe, I wish party elves would put together and clean up a good party for me.  I’ll definitely be thinking about doing this at one of my suave get togethers (imaginary or real)

(Found here)

Just place battery operated lanterns under your tables and drape a long table cloth on top.  Easy, right?

I love the look of scattered cocktail tables done this way, but since we don’t own any I would have to rent them.  And that sounds like work.  I just want to party.  Maybe I should focus on getting invited to other people’s parties instead…  all the fun, none of the work.

Are you hosting a party this summer?


Happy Valentines Day!

14 Feb

Wouldn’t a tea party be lovely today?  Especially a mad hatter themed one!  Sweetapolita shares recipes and inspiration to host your own.  And don’t forget to dress the part!

Mad Tea Party