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Let’s go gnome!

10 Jul

If you’re having an outdoor party consider this for hours of entertainment

Gnome Lawn Bowling!  A template of those cute gnome faces and directions found here.

Aren’t they super cute? I love how each gnome has it’s own personality.  I can totally see this at a kid’s birthday party where each child gets to decorate their own gnome and then they get to play a rousing game of gnome lawn bowling.  Is it wrong that I totally want this even though I don’t have any kids?  I’m pretty sure there’s a drinking game somewhere in there.

Do you have any summer outdoor activities you look forward to every year?


Growth chart

29 May

So when I first planted this box planter, it looked sad.

Waap waap. Not just a little sad, embarrassingly sad. But I’m pleased to say that it has really filled out! Check it out now
::tear:: my little plants are all grown up.

Secret Garden

12 Apr

I’m currently loving the idea of walls completely covered in plants like this

Photo Credit: Debra Prinzing

Our back yard is completely fenced in and is completely covered in decking, which is nice because there’s no mowing needed, but it’s sadly missing greenery.  I’m thinking of covering every square inch of the fencing in these woolly pockets and growing edible plants like vegetables, herbs, and fruits.

It would be like a farmers market in my back yard!  And look pretty to boot!