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Oscars 2012 Fashion

28 Feb

So I tried all yesterday to find patterns that would mimic the style of the fashions we saw in the Oscars and failed. I guess that’s what happens when you get yourself a one-of-a-kind dress made especially for you by a famous designer for free. Ah to be a rich celebrity. Regardless, I found some sort-of-close-but-not-quite-there patterns I would like to share.

JLo’s gown reminds me of this Badgley Mishka pattern V1256, except you know longer.. and not wrapped.. and prettier.

If you forgo the fan thingie and add a shoulder piece, and you know, squint real hard you might be able to use this Simplicty pattern to recreate this beautiful dress (one of my favorites)

Take this dress from burdastyle.com and change up the skirt to make it longer.. and add a peplum.. and then you might come reasonably close to this stunner of a dress. Although your version will probably lack the embellishment that really makes the dress pop

I bet next year we’ll see a lot more patterns that will match these dress’s style. I guess I could go back a year and see if last years Oscars match this years pattern evening gown selection, but I’m too lazy. Oh well. Let’s just assume they match and I was right. Man it feels good being right.