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How To: Knit Binding

19 Jun

I have no idea what the directions for the binding of my one pattern many looks challenge is actually suppose to be sewn down.  I tried flipping the binding to the inside, but it was very thick and didn’t lay right.  But I forged on and sewed it anyway.  I should remember to not do that.

And don’t you know, I didn’t know about this potential problem until after I was already almost done with it.  Why do the most and worst mistakes happen then?

But I found this video from Threads magazine, and it was very helpful

knit binding

These are the basic steps

  1. Cut out a binding strip parallel with the stretchiest part of your fabric
  2. Fold your garment in half and your binding in half
  3. “Measure” how much binding you will need by taking the binding and stretching it around the neckline.  You will stretch it more for curves, and less for non curvy parts.
  4. Sew binding strip together and pin to your garment in fourths
  5. Attach to neckline stretching it the same way you did when you measured it (more for curves, less for non curves)
  6. Ta Da!  Flat knit binding!

So I cut off the binding I did, and re-did it this way.  It may not be the way the directions say to do it (or maybe it is.. since I didn’t understand the directions at all) but I did it anyway.

It turned out okay I think.  It’s much better than version 1, that’s for sure.

Have you run into any sewing gotchas at the last minute?


Spam commets give glowing reviews

12 Jun

So I’ve been hard at work trying to do my One Pattern, Many Looks t-shirt.  I thought, it’s a t-shirt, it should be easy!  4 seams and DONE!  This was before the two days I spent trying to figure out my (new to me) serger.  This involved tension knobs falling off and a subsequent removal of almost every screw on the case.  It wasn’t pretty.  But I got it to work.  The tension is still a little bit screw-y in that I can’t set it at the baseline 4-4-4-4 to get a decent stitch.  It’s more like 7-5-4-3.  Oh well.  It’s a good stitch now so I decided to not worry about it.

Then, I painstakingly basted my garment together before running it through the serger, which actually worked out really well.. until I got to serging the neckline.  The neckline was so awful I had to cut it out.  So I thought I would take a break from that and just finish off the hems with a double needle on my sewing machine.  Once I finally (finally) was able to figure out how to do a seam that wouldn’t skip any stitches and at least seemed to not cause the threads in the machine to turn into a pile of knots, the twin needle broke.  I don’t know why.  I was going r-e-a-l-l-y slow and I literally saw the needle bend so I stopped sewing before it broke and hit me in the face.  Nothing looked to have caused such a disaster, I wasn’t going over any humps or seams when it happened.  It just… happened.

So, as you can imagine, I was feeling a bit low, but I know something that would cheer me right up.  My spam comments.

I never knew spam comments were so congratulatory.

For instance:

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Or how about this one

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I admit, when I’m feeling low I can always read my spam comments to feel a bit better.  Check out more here.

One Pattern, Many Looks

5 Jun

Have you ever heard of patternreview.com?  It’s 90s-tastic.  Ha.  Seriously though, I hate their website.  The color scheme is weird, it’s hard to navigate, and you have to log in to do just about everything.  The only good thing is the forum and the pattern reviews.  If you have a question or a sewing problem they’ll try to help you out.  They also host “contests” which seem to be a good way to motivate yourself to do some actual sewing.

So, I’ve decided to enter the “one pattern, many looks” contest, more to motivate myself than actually win.  Seriously, the “prize” is a “complimentary swatch service” … if it’s “complimentary,” doesn’t that mean it’s “free”?  I always thought it did.  It’s like if you owned an icecream shop, and you gave one lucky winner the “prize” of free taste testers.  Woo.  Sure, you could probably fill up on those taste testers, but you still have to buy the flavor you’d like.   So it’s basically a worthless prize.

One Pattern, Many Looks

Hear me patternreview?!  Your stupid prize is worthless to me!  But I will enter the contest anyway.  I’m weird like that.

So you don’t have to click through to figure out just what in the heck a “One pattern, many looks” contest actually entails, here is the break down:

Take 1 view from 1 pattern and recreate it many times by changing fabric, trimmings and other small details to create different “looks.”  There seems to be some slight confusion over what details you can actually change that are “allowed,” probably because they are lax on some rules and not on others.

So here’s my plan:  I’m going to take a plain raglan sleeve boat neck top (specifically Burda Style 02/2010/112) and refashion it with different fabric and details to create my looks.  I’m going to change the pattern to be a 3/4 sleeve length as well, since it’s getting close to summer and all.  I figure I should be able to wear these tops to work.


My first look is going to be the top done up with out any changes to the pattern.  I’ll do it in a fun black and white print, so it won’t be so boring.  Kinda wish I had striped jersey, but I don’t.  And I don’t know if I’m up to matching stripes anyway.  Then there is the sweetheart neckline version.  The bottom will be black and the top will be shear black.  Next is the lace version.  Pretty self explanatory.. made with stretch lace.  I’m going to try to cut around the design to make kind of scalloped edges.  Then I have a bow collar version planned, this will probably be the easiest one besides the plain version. Except I plan on making it out of a red sweater knit, and I’ve never sewn a sweater knit before.  And if I have time, I’ll try to embellish one with grommets, studs and rivets.  Though it will probably just be grommets, since I already have those.