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Loving It: Neon

16 Aug

Neon is one of those colors from the 80’s that I both love and hate.  Maybe I hate that I love it, maybe I’d just love to hate it.  But I do know that the recent designs I’ve seen that incorporate neon are much more sophisticated than those I witnessed back in the day.

Loving: Neon

I’ve gone a little daring and paired a bright orange pant with a bright yellow/green top, but you could easily replace one or both as your tastes see fit.  And that large print hounds tooth I was drooling over in my pattern picks?  I just had to include a similar large hounds tooth print jacket here.  I think the preppy-ness of the jacket helps keep this look sophisticated.  I would pair this look with subtle nude shoes and accessories to tone it down a bit.  The pants and shirt are loud enough on their own!

Are you thinking about adding neon to your wardrobe (or maybe another bold color)?


Loving it: Purple Passion

3 Aug
Loving Purple
I’m loving a bold sparkly print top paired with a bright colored jacket and matching shoes.  The look has been tempered by basic jeans and a simple textured purse.  When I was little I was always attracted to the geology section of science centers, so I’ve added a fun little gem for the kid in me.