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Easter Cupcakes

10 Apr

As mentioned here, I made these delicious cupcakes for Easter

and boy, are they yummy!

I didn’t use the edible paper grass because, well, sprinkles are easier.  Don’t the sprinkles make it look like they’re sitting on a grass lawn though?

Let’s take a closer look:

Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.  They taste wonderful and I followed the recipe to the letter.  Except for the icing.  For some reason the icing was waaay too runny using the recipe.  Maybe because I didn’t sift the powdered sugar? Or perhaps because I brought the cream cheese to room temperature?  Or because the cream cheese was the lower fat variety?  I have no idea.  I had to add a lot more powdered sugar to it to get it to be the right consistency.  Oh well.  Icing is pretty much pure sugar anyway.  I now have a bunch of left over icing, filling, and cake bits I’m not sure what to do with, but the possibilities are all delicious (including the obvious “just eat it” option).

I hope you all had a very Happy Easter!


Easter Menu

3 Apr

Easter is one of those holidays that my family never really had many food traditions for.  Other than the chocolate bunny in the easter basket thing.  Everyone does that.  I mean the easter breakfast/lunch/dinner food traditions.  Or maybe I just wasn’t particularly fond of them, and therefore I don’t remember them.  Either way, each year I try something in the hopes that I’ll like it so much that it sticks.  This year I’m roasting a chicken.

Specifically using this recipe from Better Homes and Gardens

Doesn’t that look delish?

With a side of garlic mashed potatos

and Cilantro Tabbouleh with Cranberries

And for dessert (oh dessert, I’m looking forward to you most) I am going to make pineapple coconut cupcakes with buttermilk cream cheese frosting

Now isn’t your mouth watering?  The cupcake, oh the cupcake.  I’m envisioning glorious pineapple upside down cake mixed with pina colada, and a rich creaaammy icing.  Oh, and a dark mini chocolate Cadbury egg on top.  In case it’s not sweet enough or something (ha!), or you know, to look easter-y.

Easter crafts

14 Apr

It’s not too late yet!  Here’s my round up of cool Easter crafts:

Crepe paper carrots


From Martha Stewart are divine, aren’t they?  And a good way to have an Easter festivity that doesn’t involve candy.

Felty Easter Gift Box


These little gift boxes are so cute, aren’t they?  See how to make your own on Crafty Pod

Rabbit’s Heavenly Easter Cupcakes


Disney says these are inspired by Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh, but they remind me of the carrots mischievous Peter the Rabbit would steal from poor Mr. McGregor.  It was always a tradition in my family to receive a Beatrix Potter book for Easter, and these cupcakes seem fitting.  Plus, the carrots are made out of Starburst!  How fun is that?