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DIY: Dress form

18 Apr

Don’t you think having a dress form would be cool?  I’m often tempted to buy one, just so I can pretend to be on Project Runway, complete with catty remarks and beautiful clothes.  Then I realize I’m probably going to be too lazy to actually use it and it would end up being a waste of space and money.  Then I thought about doing a duct tape dress form, but some reviews indicate that the tape eventually either unravels or looses its shape.  Plus, you sort of distort your body making it anyway, so it’s not highly accurate.  So the thought of spending all that time on something I would end up throwing away was not appealing, but there is an alternative: a Papier-Mâché dress form!

Well, if you’re more motivated than me, that is.

There are even directions to make a stand

Pretty cool, right?