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DIY Coat Rack

8 May

Ever since I saw this on Pinterest

I have been obsessed with it.  So, in light of my spring resolutions, I got off my rear and did it.  Since our door is a lot closer to this side wall than the inspiration photo, we opted for a shallower hook.  Don’t worry, they still work.


One piece of 6×1 pre-primed mdf, 5 coat hooks, and several screws later we had our very own.  I was more concerned about the function and hitting studs than the actual placement of the hooks, which ended up not working out so well.  Our stud finder notoriously doesn’t find studs.  I swear I made sure on multiple spots on the wall that it was registering a stud, but when I drilled into it it didn’t seem like one was there.  Note to self: don’t rely on studs, (several) good dry wall anchors are all you need.  As a result of attempting to hit a stud, the hooks are not centered on the board.  Not a big deal, but still…


I would suggest pre-drilling the mdf at the location of each hook with a countersink drill bit.  Then, hold the board up to the wall, making sure it is level, and mark the drilled spots.  Install wall anchors where you have made your marks. Put the board back up, aligning the holes you made with the anchors and screw it in.

I made a template for the hooks with a sheet of paper.  Top of paper = top of board, dots for the screw holes, and a center line.  Sadly, I didn’t take a picture of this.  I taped the template up and pre-drilled the holes for the hooks before painting (but after the board was attached to the wall).  Caulk around the edges, paint, then put up the hooks once it’s dry!

Caulk tip: press the tip of the caulk gun into the groove as you move along the seam you are filling.  You will hardly need to do any smoothing if you push as you go.  Just moving the caulk gun along like it’s icing (not pushing into the wall) does not work as well.   Trust me.