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Burda Style August 2012

7 Aug

Well August is well on its way, and I haven’t given you my pattern picks for the August issue of Burda Style.  The horror!

Well, here they are



A very pretty scarf like neckline shirt.  Can’t wear a jacket with it though, it completely loses its appeal when viewed from the front.



A plain, but wearable dress.  The gathered neckline and raglan sleeves should make it easier to fit at least.  Not quite sure about the shiny material though.  Or the birdcage.  Who walks around holding a birdcage anyway?  Maybe she’s sad her bird didn’t much like the ugly cage she picked out for it and now she has to throw it away?



Another scarfy neckline top.  This time, the scarf is in the front.




A peplum top, one of the trends from the spring.



A very nice dress.   In black it’s hard to see the construction lines, so here they are

D0esn’t that look nice?

and finally



An inverse kick pleat.  I don’t know about you, but when I golf, I do it in heals and look confused by passing birds.


Well, there you have it folks, my picks for August.  What did you like?  Do you ever give the models commentary or a back story?


Burda Style July 2012

11 Jul

The July issue of the Burda Style Magazine had a lot of very cute tops!

For example 115


07.12.115 model photo

Doesn’t that top just look adorable?  I don’t know why the model is making such a strange face though.  But check out the line drawing

07.2012.115 line drawing

Hello two squares of fabric, two short straps and a belt!  Who would have known something so simple could look so chic?

Next up: 116


07.2012.116 line drawing

Not quite as simple as 115, but it should be fairly easy to make.  The hardest part will be gathering the neck and sewing the binding!  Bonus: no buttons or zippers, a simple tie closes the blouse

Next blouse: 108


07.2012.108 model photo

07.2012.108 line drawing

Another cute blouse!  I just love the bow.  Plus, they made this simple by cutting it on the bias and leaving the hems unsewn.  Love that.

And the last cute blouse of the issue? 136A


07.2012.136A model photo

07.2012.136A line drawing

Its a plus sized blouse and I love the wide v that goes over the shoulders.  Although looking at the model photo, it appears the neck is quite wide, since it is sliding off of her!  I would probably try to adjust that, unless you’re going for an 80’s one shoulder look.

But what to wear with all these cute tops? Skinny jeans like view 130!


07.2012.130 model photo

07.2012.130 line drawing

I like the back yoke (to make for easier fitting) and the cuffs.  The photo makes these look skin tight, so I would definitely go with a material that stretches.

What would you make from this issue?

Burda Style June 2012

13 Jun

Seems this months Burda Style Magazine slipped my mind, and they already have July’s issue up!  Oh well.. I’ll get to July later.  But now it’s time for June!  I’m pretty consistently not impressed with Burda Style Magazine offerings at first glance, but when I actually get around to picking out styles I like, I choose quite a few.


I thought the shoulders on this one were interesting.  I don’t know how flattering they are or if I would actually wear such a thing, but they’re interesting.


It’s just a plain gathered skirt, but there is something about the color or the extra seam line that resonates with me.  I could probably draft my own version of this pretty easily though, so not “buy this magazine now” worthy or anything.


I’m sort of on the fence on this one.  I like the lace and the whole flapper feel to it, but I just don’t think I would look very good in it. I could be wrong.

Bonus: it’s a part of Burda Style’s June Couture Challenge.


Plunging neckline? check.  Cute kick pleat?  double check.  I was a little unimpressed with the front, but the back sold me.


I actually just really love the fabric on this one.  Simple design lines + large weave = love


I really love this jacket.  I just wish I had the skills to make something like this.  It’s kind of urban-jockey, no?

..and finally


Just a simple black dress. Perhaps a bit of a yawn, but the back “v” is very cute, and it’s very wearable.

What design is your favorite?  I’d have to vote for the jacket (121).  Now if only it would magically make itself.

Burda Style May 2012

2 May

Is it time for another Burda Style already?  It seems like the last one just came out.  Or maybe that’s just my lack of sewing talking

Here are my picks

135: Blouse


The crazy print kind of hides some of the cool details, but I like it.  This would be an interesting one to sew up.

113: Skirt


I like the gathers on this skirt.  I know, you’ve probably seen patterns like this before and are “so over” them, but this one strikes a chord with me.


Maybe this kind of skirt is more your style? I like the front V, and the simplicity of it.


And if you’re super duper motivated you can try your hand at a couture version of this dress

with tips from Burda Style (found here).  Although, you would think the “slimming” effects that the curvy color blocked middle portion has would work better if you did the side panels in a dark color like black or navy blue.

Just my two cents.

Burda Style April 2012

2 Apr

The beginning of a new month means a new Burda Style Magazine is out, and so it is time for me to show you the things I might make if I had the time.

First up: Bolero 123

I just like the clean lines… and that sultry smile that model is giving the camera.  Oh yeah.

Then there is this crazy contraption of a jacket/dress/coverup?  Who knows.  It’s interesting though


What?  You don’t think it’s interesting?  Check out the line drawing

What IS that thing by the neck? A modesty panel? Just an asymmetric wrap?  I don’t know.

Finally, a rather simple, yet stunning high waisted skirt


..And that’s about it.  April was somewhat of a bust for me.  Which goes to show that even when you think an issue is a bust, there might still be a couple of things you’d still like in your fantasy world where garments get sewn by little elves while you sleep.

Burda Style March 2012

6 Mar

Every month I check out the new Burda Style mag. You have to go to the German (or other country) site to do it, but with google translate it’s pretty easy. I have even purchased the magazine in the past when I thought the issue was particularly good, and when I thought I would magically make all the garments I wanted in no time flat. Oh naive me. I think of those two magazines I bought, I have only made 1 thing. Sad really, when you consider that I probably spent $30+ on those mags. I smartly decided not to subscribe since my output would be horrendously low, making the cost per pattern made incredibly high. I still check out the magazine online though. I like seeing what they come up with each month and what I might be interested in making in my probably make-believe future. So with out further ado, here are my March picks:

118 – A twisted skirt

113 – A safari style shirt. I actually really love this shirt, but I can guarantee you I won’t get around to making it and by then who knows if it will still be in style.

108 – A twist front dress. The Selfish Seamstress has already made this one up, despite whining about “lack of sewing time.” We all know it’s a ploy in one of her selfish schemes.

So I may not ever get around to actually making these patterns, but a girl can dream, right? (and jealously covet other people’s work..)

Trench coat, Option 1

4 Apr

Yep, one of those I was missing from my original wardrobe plan.  I saw this Burberry Trechcoat on budgetbabe.com

Isn’t it lovely?  Do you think that it would look ok with pants though?  It certainly looks divine with skirts/dresses

It also looks amazingly close to this pattern from Burda Style 08/2009



Minus the oversized gun flaps.  I wonder how easy that is to omit/change?