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Burda Easy Fashion Spring 2012

11 Apr

Ah, Burda Easy Fashion.  The magazine that doesn’t come in English, but is cheap enough to easily afford.  I admit, I partook in your indulgent pages for 2 years before I decided to call it quits.  The magazine and all the directions are in German, but with google translate and illustrated directions it’s figure-out-able.  The pattern pieces are marked in English as well as other languages, so that makes it a little easier (at least you know what it’s called and can cross reference the german).  In my two years of membership into the burda easy fashion elite, I made 2 things from the magazine.  At $15/year (now $20/year), it wasn’t too bad of a turnover.  When they increased their price I waited for the preview of the next magazine before deciding whether or not to renew.  I decided not to.  The magazine is styled young, almost tween young, which makes it difficult to imagine wearing some of the designs, but most of it was very on-trend and wearable with the right fabric.  They make a lot of the patterns “easy” by omitting hems and seam finishings, although there is always a challenging looking jacket.  Maybe I’ll return to burda easy fashion in the years to come, but I’ve got such a backlog of things I want to make, that it probably won’t be any time soon.

Now, on to what I liked about this issue!

I think this shirt (7a) is simple and classic.  I could probably even draft myself a close looking approximation without too much effort.  That is if any effort at all wasn’t too much.

These shorts (5b and 5d) also caught my eye.  Although they seem very similar to these found in Burda Easy Fashion Spring 2010 (one I already have) except they made it easier by omitting the fly front.

See? To me they look too similar to warrant a subscription, am I right?  I’m sure the scalloped edged shorts are made out of micro suede and the scallops are just cut from the fabric (since micro suede doesn’t unravel)

Finally, I thought this dress (1d) was cute

I’m a little in love with the fabric more than anything though.  Tiny little apples on a red background as faux polka dots is adorable.

But a post isn’t good without a little snark, so take a look at this..

..amazing design which can also be found in this season’s Burda Easy Fashion magazine.  Haven’t you always wanted a lederhosen styled overall in a youth print?  I do believe they put a bird on it to save it from certain disaster… and failed.  Not even a bird print can save this awful thing.


Easy Fashion S2011 2G

6 Apr

One of the patterns I really like from the latest Easy Fashion is this one

and I think it would look fabulous in this fabric

which is a beautiful cotton floral lawn.

And here’s the mock up!


The jumpsuit

30 Mar

Are you for it, or against it?

I’ve always been kind of against jumpsuits.  They seem overly difficult to use the restroom in, and seem a little onesie –ish to me, but after seeing these more sophisticated versions



I’m starting to warm up to them.  I think it’s key to wear heels with it, and for it to have sleeves.

Why this sudden change of heart?


This pattern in Easy Fashion Spr/Sum 2011.  I think it needs sleeves, but I think it has potential.  (I also kind of think that it will be easy to sew, which is a plus for sure!)

Plus, it totally fits in with the “Pajama Dressing” trend.  Not that I’m a slave to trends or anything.

Burda Easy Fashion Spring 2011

29 Mar

The preview is out! Find it here

I’ll admit, when I first saw it, I was a little disappointed… until I got to the pretty white dresses at the end!

I’m actually really excited about these, and they fit the “Minimal White” spring trend perfectly!

Cute little ducks!

18 Mar

When I saw this fabric in the $1.95 bin on Fabric.com I just thought it was so cute and sort of vintage-y.

But, since I don’t have a vintage pattern to speak of, I’m sort of at a loss as to what pattern would be cute to use for it.

Option 1:


The best thing about the pattern is that it’s free! (Get it here)  And I think it’s cute, but is the print too small for it?  Maybe I have just no imagination since it’s depicted as a solid?!

Option 2:4a2c0c0e-b17a-b452-47e5-f50f0b5deac0_324x432[1]

This is a pattern from the Feb 2010 issue of Burda Style.  I have only 2 Burda Style magazines, Feb 2010 and Aug 2009.  Even with just 2 I feel like I have soo many patterns!  This one is a flirty peasant type top which I think would be easy to sew (a definite plus!)

Option 3:103-ld

The blouse-with-bow.  This is from my other Burda Style mag (Aug 2009) and I love how they made it out of a sheer paisley print in the magazine, so I think a lightweight cotton print like this might do well

Option 4:


This is from my Burda Easy Fashion Spring/Summer 2010 magazine.  I’m not sure I’m in love with the front pleat though, but I love the elastic sleeves and the gathers in the back!  I also like how it is longer in the back than in the front.


Which one is your favorite?

Up for consideration

3 Sep

So which patterns do I grace with a nod of acceptance?

First up: a Parisian chic coat


This coat looks much more tailored and chic here than it did in the model photo.  I could see this going well over jeans as well as work attire if made in an appropriate fabric.

Next: The Chanel-style jacket


Surprisingly made from a different view of the first pattern.  (Now that’s what I call a view).  Although I already have a Chanel style jacket from the Feb 2010 BurdaStyle issue that I just had to buy, it still makes my list.  I may not make this version of it, I may make the other one, but I would consider making it.

I would even consider doing another view from this pattern:  the fake fur jacket


That is, if I was up to handling fake fur.

Next up, a fitted dress:


Although I’m not a huge fan of bubble skirts, I am none-the-less glad this pattern is in my arsenal.  The fitted top with the sweetheart neckline can easily be paired with any skirt type bottom, which could easily turn this pattern into a tried and true pattern.

And although I said Burda was late to the party on this one, and it has way too many views, I still might consider making a pair of these skinny pants


I even think they look eerily similar to the winning look on last weeks Project Runway

Casanova's Design

And the last one I pick is: the gloved shirt


Which is just different enough to not be able to find it in the store, and I really think it would be a great shirt to run in.  Or if your office is freezing, it would keep your fingers warm while you type.  They also include a view without the gloves (in case you couldn’t figure out how to not sew them in)  and various views of it with holes in the shirt (seriously burda?) in case you want something just a little different.

What I won’t be sewing

2 Sep

I thought it would be fun to show the patterns I won’t be sewing up.. ever.

First off, the butt-crack showing mini skirt, the Burda team liked this design so much, they graced it with 3 whole views.

Even in the realm of teenagedom, which I’ve gracefully left behind, this takes the cake as the most “hello butt” skanky ass skirt I think I’ve ever seen.  I don’t think any one with a single shot of self respect will be donning this one, even after multiple shots.  The only way I can even fathom someone even remotely considering this creation is if they are wearing a pair of completely opaque tights shown on stylebubble


because then a skirt that doesn’t actually cover your ass will seem quirky and purposeful.

Another one I will not be sewing is the strangely loose and long crotched pleated pants

Which enjoys a whole 2 views in this magazine, one with the hem cuffed, and one not.  Perhaps this just looks odd on the mannequin, but it’s too loose to be tailored, and too tight to look purposefully baggy.  It’s like they considered doing a paper-bag style top and then decided not to.  Or maybe they wanted to do harem pants, but decided to just lower the crotch instead.  Whatever they did, it’s not working.