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Simple Sewing With a French Twist

2 Aug


When I checked out Simple Sewing with a French Twist from the library, I thought it would be a technique book for some reason.  It is not.  It’s a pattern book!  And also quite thick


With any pattern book, I recommend checking out out from your local library like I did or thumbing through it at the book store before purchasing.  That way you’ll know if you are actually interested in the patterns it contains.

There were a couple of cute ideas in there like covering the back of a chair with buttons


or a bathrobe wrap


and even a bean bag and parasol


All of the patterns are super simple, so they (mostly) just require a ruler.  In some instances they include a pattern, but you have to copy it at a copy shop with a certain % enlargement.  There is a small section in the beginning which describes some basic sewing and seam finishing techniques.

It was a fun book to look at, but probably not one I would purchase.  I felt like I could figure out how to do most of the projects in the book, and the ones I couldn’t you needed to have a specific object like the skeleton of the parasol around to do.

So I give it 3 spools out of 5.