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Magic Upside Down Spray Bottle

8 Aug

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and just had to share.


It’s a spray bottle that sprays upside down, and the best part is you can make virtually any spray bottle do this!

All you need is some flexible piping the same diameter as the current straw, and some washers for weights.  Just make sure your bottle doesn’t leak when you turn it upside down!  For some reason I always find myself needing to spray upside down.  This method should let your spray bottle work at a wide variety of different angles, letting you get that very last drop out much easier.

Have you ever done this to your bottles?  Have you ever hacked your cleaning supplies to work better?


Let’s go gnome!

10 Jul

If you’re having an outdoor party consider this for hours of entertainment

Gnome Lawn Bowling!  A template of those cute gnome faces and directions found here.

Aren’t they super cute? I love how each gnome has it’s own personality.  I can totally see this at a kid’s birthday party where each child gets to decorate their own gnome and then they get to play a rousing game of gnome lawn bowling.  Is it wrong that I totally want this even though I don’t have any kids?  I’m pretty sure there’s a drinking game somewhere in there.

Do you have any summer outdoor activities you look forward to every year?

Fourth of July

28 Jun

What to eat

Along with the standard barbeque fare, why not add red white and blue parfaits?

Find the recipe here.

How to Decorate

Put some patriotic bunting up around your home

patriotic bunting on mantel fireplace

Find the tutorial here

What to wear

Nothing beats the classic red white and blue color scheme

Fourth of July outfit

How are you getting ready for the celebration of the summer?

DIY: Hexnut bracelet

22 May

Want to make your own macrame hexnut bracelet?  Pop on over to minieco to find out how… you know you want to.

Happy Mardi Gras

21 Feb

In celebration of Mardi Gras, why not make a mask?

Martha Stewart has several cool DIY masks you can try. There is this unicorn mask made from leather

Or you can spread your wings and make a bird mask

Either way, you’ll be ready to party the night away.

Easter crafts

14 Apr

It’s not too late yet!  Here’s my round up of cool Easter crafts:

Crepe paper carrots


From Martha Stewart are divine, aren’t they?  And a good way to have an Easter festivity that doesn’t involve candy.

Felty Easter Gift Box


These little gift boxes are so cute, aren’t they?  See how to make your own on Crafty Pod

Rabbit’s Heavenly Easter Cupcakes


Disney says these are inspired by Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh, but they remind me of the carrots mischievous Peter the Rabbit would steal from poor Mr. McGregor.  It was always a tradition in my family to receive a Beatrix Potter book for Easter, and these cupcakes seem fitting.  Plus, the carrots are made out of Starburst!  How fun is that?

Key magnets

7 Apr

Currently loving:


Computer key magnets!  What a great way to use an old keyboard, don’t you think?