Burda Style August 2012

7 Aug

Well August is well on its way, and I haven’t given you my pattern picks for the August issue of Burda Style.  The horror!

Well, here they are



A very pretty scarf like neckline shirt.  Can’t wear a jacket with it though, it completely loses its appeal when viewed from the front.



A plain, but wearable dress.  The gathered neckline and raglan sleeves should make it easier to fit at least.  Not quite sure about the shiny material though.  Or the birdcage.  Who walks around holding a birdcage anyway?  Maybe she’s sad her bird didn’t much like the ugly cage she picked out for it and now she has to throw it away?



Another scarfy neckline top.  This time, the scarf is in the front.




A peplum top, one of the trends from the spring.



A very nice dress.   In black it’s hard to see the construction lines, so here they are

D0esn’t that look nice?

and finally



An inverse kick pleat.  I don’t know about you, but when I golf, I do it in heals and look confused by passing birds.


Well, there you have it folks, my picks for August.  What did you like?  Do you ever give the models commentary or a back story?


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