Burda Style July 2012

11 Jul

The July issue of the Burda Style Magazine had a lot of very cute tops!

For example 115


07.12.115 model photo

Doesn’t that top just look adorable?  I don’t know why the model is making such a strange face though.  But check out the line drawing

07.2012.115 line drawing

Hello two squares of fabric, two short straps and a belt!  Who would have known something so simple could look so chic?

Next up: 116


07.2012.116 line drawing

Not quite as simple as 115, but it should be fairly easy to make.  The hardest part will be gathering the neck and sewing the binding!  Bonus: no buttons or zippers, a simple tie closes the blouse

Next blouse: 108


07.2012.108 model photo

07.2012.108 line drawing

Another cute blouse!  I just love the bow.  Plus, they made this simple by cutting it on the bias and leaving the hems unsewn.  Love that.

And the last cute blouse of the issue? 136A


07.2012.136A model photo

07.2012.136A line drawing

Its a plus sized blouse and I love the wide v that goes over the shoulders.  Although looking at the model photo, it appears the neck is quite wide, since it is sliding off of her!  I would probably try to adjust that, unless you’re going for an 80’s one shoulder look.

But what to wear with all these cute tops? Skinny jeans like view 130!


07.2012.130 model photo

07.2012.130 line drawing

I like the back yoke (to make for easier fitting) and the cuffs.  The photo makes these look skin tight, so I would definitely go with a material that stretches.

What would you make from this issue?


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