How To: Knit Binding

19 Jun

I have no idea what the directions for the binding of my one pattern many looks challenge is actually suppose to be sewn down.  I tried flipping the binding to the inside, but it was very thick and didn’t lay right.  But I forged on and sewed it anyway.  I should remember to not do that.

And don’t you know, I didn’t know about this potential problem until after I was already almost done with it.  Why do the most and worst mistakes happen then?

But I found this video from Threads magazine, and it was very helpful

knit binding

These are the basic steps

  1. Cut out a binding strip parallel with the stretchiest part of your fabric
  2. Fold your garment in half and your binding in half
  3. “Measure” how much binding you will need by taking the binding and stretching it around the neckline.  You will stretch it more for curves, and less for non curvy parts.
  4. Sew binding strip together and pin to your garment in fourths
  5. Attach to neckline stretching it the same way you did when you measured it (more for curves, less for non curves)
  6. Ta Da!  Flat knit binding!

So I cut off the binding I did, and re-did it this way.  It may not be the way the directions say to do it (or maybe it is.. since I didn’t understand the directions at all) but I did it anyway.

It turned out okay I think.  It’s much better than version 1, that’s for sure.

Have you run into any sewing gotchas at the last minute?


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