How to machine baste

14 Jun

Now, this may seem fairly obvious to you, but when I first started to “baste” my seams using my sewing machine, I was doing it wrong.  Well maybe wrong is a bit harsh.  I wasn’t doing it as well as I could.  There was no obvious “baste” setting on my machine so I just sewed with the largest stitch length (4).

I always felt like this was difficult to undo, even though it was the largest stitch length available to me.  Aren’t basting stitches suppose to more or less come right out?

Turns out there is a trick to machine basting.


  1. Adjust your machine for a straight stitch (on my machine this is 2), longest stitch length (on my machine this is 4)
  2. The trick-> Adjust your tension for the loosest tension (on my machine between 1-0).  The loosest tension part is really important!  If you plan on taking your basting stitches out later it really really helps in allowing you to just pull the thread loose.  You may not even need the seam ripper to get the stitches out.  It’s that cool.

2 Responses to “How to machine baste”

  1. xweets June 14, 2012 at 10:46 am #

    Haven’t though about the tension; will try it next time. Thanks!


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