New Look Summer 2012

30 May

After the snooze fest that was Simplity’s Summer 2012 pattern line up, I wasn’t expecting much from it sister company, New Look.  But I was pleasantly surprised.  First up

New Look 6120

A simple, yet chic dress from the Project Runway Workroom collection.  What’s different between the Workroom collection from New Look and the Project Runway collection from Simplicity?  I have no idea.  I guess the parent company just wanted to cash in on the popularity of Project Runway (since Simplicity and New Look are both owned by the same company).   I have to say I like the packaging of the Workroom collection more though.  It’s easier to see the design and looks modern and fresh.

New Look 6122

Mix and match patterns are great, aren’t they?  I always feel like you get a good bang for your buck when you buy one of these.  I can see this dress being made into lingerie, a casual summer dress, or even a fancy evening gown (if you made it out of luscious silk jersey).  Talk about versatile!

New Look 6123

What can I say about this one?  I just like it.  Frilly sleeves and all.  This is probably one of those “hit or miss” patterns for people.

New Look 6130

I love the peplum top!  It’s very “on trend” right now, but I think it is also very work appropriate.  I’m always looking for decent outfits to wear to my casual/business casual office that’s not soo generic.  You know what I mean?


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