Burda Easy Fashion Spring 2012

11 Apr

Ah, Burda Easy Fashion.  The magazine that doesn’t come in English, but is cheap enough to easily afford.  I admit, I partook in your indulgent pages for 2 years before I decided to call it quits.  The magazine and all the directions are in German, but with google translate and illustrated directions it’s figure-out-able.  The pattern pieces are marked in English as well as other languages, so that makes it a little easier (at least you know what it’s called and can cross reference the german).  In my two years of membership into the burda easy fashion elite, I made 2 things from the magazine.  At $15/year (now $20/year), it wasn’t too bad of a turnover.  When they increased their price I waited for the preview of the next magazine before deciding whether or not to renew.  I decided not to.  The magazine is styled young, almost tween young, which makes it difficult to imagine wearing some of the designs, but most of it was very on-trend and wearable with the right fabric.  They make a lot of the patterns “easy” by omitting hems and seam finishings, although there is always a challenging looking jacket.  Maybe I’ll return to burda easy fashion in the years to come, but I’ve got such a backlog of things I want to make, that it probably won’t be any time soon.

Now, on to what I liked about this issue!

I think this shirt (7a) is simple and classic.  I could probably even draft myself a close looking approximation without too much effort.  That is if any effort at all wasn’t too much.

These shorts (5b and 5d) also caught my eye.  Although they seem very similar to these found in Burda Easy Fashion Spring 2010 (one I already have) except they made it easier by omitting the fly front.

See? To me they look too similar to warrant a subscription, am I right?  I’m sure the scalloped edged shorts are made out of micro suede and the scallops are just cut from the fabric (since micro suede doesn’t unravel)

Finally, I thought this dress (1d) was cute

I’m a little in love with the fabric more than anything though.  Tiny little apples on a red background as faux polka dots is adorable.

But a post isn’t good without a little snark, so take a look at this..

..amazing design which can also be found in this season’s Burda Easy Fashion magazine.  Haven’t you always wanted a lederhosen styled overall in a youth print?  I do believe they put a bird on it to save it from certain disaster… and failed.  Not even a bird print can save this awful thing.


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