Spring 2012 Fashion Trends

30 Mar

According to Elle magazine Spring 2012’s 10 top trends will be

So obviously you should put a bird on it.  Then you should wear a soft pastel, but pump up the volume with a peplum.  Maybe put on some baroque flourishes before you go ba-roke trying to keep up with todays trends? (oh I crack myself up).  Don’t forget to drop that waist while you’re at it.  Or if all else fails you could pretend to be a mermaid.  If you come across a real mermaid, take her picture and print it on to some fabric.  Be sure to show your tummy though, mermaids don’t have legs and it’s inappropriate to show anything else.  Or you could wrap yourself up in satin, glorious satin.  But don’t show the shiny side.. that’s so last season.  And if you’re feeling particularly feisty, you can done some bold, abstract print and pretend to be a piece of modern art.

Ah, Spring


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  1. Spoonflower « Allison Victoria - May 10, 2012

    […] to say that).  It’s a website that lets you design your own fabric!  And since one of the Spring 2012 trends is digital image print fabric, I thought I would share.  You can also browse other people’s […]

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