Spring Resolutions

28 Mar

A while back I tried to do one resolution for each season.  Then I forgot about it.  Oh well.  My winter resolution last year was to de-clutter, so I guess it’s about time I came up with a Spring resolution, eh?  Let’s see.. there are so many things I need to do, work on the house, sew more, finish things I start, clean..  I know most people will probably go with the standard “spring cleaning” thing, but I’m not most people.  Nope.  Plus, I hate cleaning.  Spring to me is always a time of new beginnings, fresh starts.  So this spring is going to be dedicated to beginning (and finishing) new projects.  I’d like to take things from my imagination to real life, instead of, you know, just pretending that I’m getting things done.


2 Responses to “Spring Resolutions”


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    […] of summer = new Summer Resolutions.  But first, let’s look back on how well I did on my Spring Resolutions.  This spring I resolved to start (and finish) new projects.  So let’s see how I […]

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