Burda Style March 2012

6 Mar

Every month I check out the new Burda Style mag. You have to go to the German (or other country) site to do it, but with google translate it’s pretty easy. I have even purchased the magazine in the past when I thought the issue was particularly good, and when I thought I would magically make all the garments I wanted in no time flat. Oh naive me. I think of those two magazines I bought, I have only made 1 thing. Sad really, when you consider that I probably spent $30+ on those mags. I smartly decided not to subscribe since my output would be horrendously low, making the cost per pattern made incredibly high. I still check out the magazine online though. I like seeing what they come up with each month and what I might be interested in making in my probably make-believe future. So with out further ado, here are my March picks:

118 – A twisted skirt

113 – A safari style shirt. I actually really love this shirt, but I can guarantee you I won’t get around to making it and by then who knows if it will still be in style.

108 – A twist front dress. The Selfish Seamstress has already made this one up, despite whining about “lack of sewing time.” We all know it’s a ploy in one of her selfish schemes.

So I may not ever get around to actually making these patterns, but a girl can dream, right? (and jealously covet other people’s work..)


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