Stitch Witchery

29 Feb

Have I ever told you how much I love stitch witchery? I started out just thinking it was for hemming things when you didn’t have a proper sewing machine and skills, and therefore turned my nose up to it. Like, ew, stitch witchery? Puh-lease. Sew it like a proper person.

But I have come to regard it as a very valuable tool in my sewing arsenal. It is perfect for reinforcing and basting all in one step. I started using it to help me fold down the edges of patch pockets before I sewed them on, because seriously those edges can be really fiddly with curves and corners. Since then, I have used it for everything from positioning straps to folding belt loops. And now, you know what I found out? You can use them to baste a zipper into place too! Yay! no more wonky zippers!

I seriously love stitch witchery. It’s a great tool for permanent basting. (And as long as you sew over it, no one will be the wiser.. shh.. it’s our little secret)


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