Trend: Brocade

24 Feb

Since fashion week has come to a close, I thought I would take a look on the upcoming trends.   According to one of the fall 2012 trends is bold brocade:

Bold Brocades

Fall 2012 Trend: Brocade

Can you believe Cynthia Rowley actually “liked” this board?  Okay, okay.  I know it was probably just some interns job to “like” everyone who put something “Cynthia Rowley” on their board, but holey crap!  None of my other boards got a “like” from other designers!  So way to go peeps at Cynthia Rowley’s camp.  I’ve now said your name 3 times in a row already.  And you can actually buy a Cynthia Rowley pattern so you can make almost the same exact Cynthia Rowley dress!


Just click on the picture to go to the pattern.  How about one more?  Cynthia Rowley.  There.  Now that’s 6.


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