Vogue Patterns Spring 2012

13 Feb


Donna Karen Collection


Black strappy dress.  It looks a-mazing.. but check out the line drawing


Still amazing, but soo complicated!  And it’s only rated as “average,” can you believe that?  I loathe to find out what they call “advanced.”  Maybe it’s because the recommended fabric is a knit?   Either way it would take me a ton of time to put this one together, and looks tricky to fit.


Donna Karen New York


This one is kinda hard to see with the busy print, so here’s the line drawing

Line Art

Don’t you just love the pockets?  I would love to see how this one is constructed.  It’s definitely on my “to buy” list.


Pattern Fail

I just had to show this one too


Donna Karen Collection


I mean look at the model’s derrière!  This skirt pattern must be the most unflattering thing on the planet.  Even the model’s butt looks horrible.  Notice how the front view just has her squatting.  You know that means the front must look even worse than the back.  I like the shirt though.  I love a good drape.  It’s just too bad they paired it with such an obviously bad skirt.


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