How Many: Bath Towels

19 Mar

My wardrobe plan (see part 1 and part 2) has got me thinking about how many of a particular item I need, so I thought I would start with another textile-esque item.. the bath towel.  I’m talking about the big one you dry off with after a shower, not the hand towel or the washcloth here.

How many towels does somebody need?

I read somewhere when I was registering for my wedding that you should buy 3 towels per person.  That way you’d be able to have one towel in the bathroom, one towel in the hamper, and one towel in the closet.  In my house we rarely have the issue of needing a towel that’s in the hamper so the extra one in the closet is needed, so I would say the minimum number of towels per person is really 2.  However, I like the idea of 3.



If this number is going to be the absolute number of towels you own, I think 3 per person is a very good number.  Chances are at some point you’re going to have guests, whether it’s your parents or a friend, who will stay the night and require a towel.  If you’re single, 3 towels will allow you and each parent to have their own clean towel (if none of them are in the hamper that is!) without an additional purchase.  As a couple, we tend to host just one other couple at a time (either my parents, his parents, or our  friends), so having that extra towel in the closet is a good idea (and we don’t have to worry about the one in the hamper in case we can’t get to the laundry before they come).

The problem is, in our household we have way more 3 towels per person, and that’s not including hand towels or washclothes, I’m talking full on towels.  When we combined households we just combined towels plus bought a new set to use and be pretty.  So yes, we had our own sets, plus a brand new set.  Two really, because we got a set for our wedding but it wasn’t in a color we liked.

And as for color, I recommend white.  When we bought our new set, we went with a color because we thought it would match our bathroom decor, and it did.  But I think I prefer white, simply because it’s easy to match.  If one towel gets stained (washed one with a sarong I didn’t realize had never been washed before.. turned it pink), or ratty or anything, white is super easy to match.  I don’t think there is any way we’d be able to find the same color as that towel originally was.  Die lots change, styles change, but white is forever.  I might even have been able to save a white towel from my laundry room mishap with a little bleach, had it been white.  Plus white matches almost any decor in almost any bathroom, and you can buy it any year from now until infinity and white will still be white.

verdict: 3 white bath towels/person


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