Wardrobe Plan take 2

25 Jan

I’ve been thinking about a wardrobe plan for a while now.  Here is my original plan.


It seems like such a good idea, doesn’t it?  My last wardrobe plan focused specifically on work clothes, but this one is a little more broad.  I’ve modified a basic one I found online to suit my needs.

2 pair of evening pants
4 3 pairs of work pants
2 pairs of casual pants

2 skirts for evenings or social events
2 skirts for work
2 1 skirt for casual wear

10 One week’s worth of work tops/blouses
2 casual weekend tops
2 t-shirt tops
2 sweaters/cardigans
4 evening tops

1 little black dress
1 casual dress
1 sunday dress

4 2 Blazers or suit jackets for work
1 casual jacket for weekend or fun
1 evening jacket or wrap
1 heavyweight coat

As you can see, I still have the 4 main suit pieces but have added a couple of extra shirts plus other extra pieces I consider essential in my wardrobe.

After my last wardrobe planning session I took out of my closet all of the pieces that I considered matching and put them all on one side of the closet, as a crutch you know? Just in case I needed/wanted to wear something else.  Why jump into the deep end when you can slowly wade in?

It worked fairly well last year, but did feel a little stale after a while.  However, I didn’t have all of the color spectrum I wanted (black, gray, navy, and beige)  I really only had black and gray.  This year, I plan on purchasing/making the other pieces of the color spectrum so I don’t feel like I’m always wearing black!

I’m also excited about the rest of my wardrobe plan.  It was kind of depressing only thinking about clothes that I would wear to work instead of fun weekend/evening clothes.  So I’m looking forward to adding that into my list of sewing possibilities.


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