29 Sep

The fabric I purchased for my black holiday cocktail dress came in the mail!  I was wavering between the sophia double knit and the wool jersey as my fashion fabric, but this thread convinced me to go with the sophia.


Now that I have the fabric, I’m a little unsure if I made the right decision.  The sophia double knit ( a rayon blend ) SMELLS!  I don’t know if I got a bad cut, or if this is typical of rayon and will go away after a wash.  Let’s hope so!

Ultimately I chose it because

  1. Rave reviews of how “nice” this fabric is
  2. Washability (I didn’t know if I was going to have to wash the wool jersey specially, in my house everything gets thrown in the wash together with little care)
  3. It was cheaper (awful reason, I know).  Now the fashion fabric itself wasn’t that much cheaper, but I could get away with less of a lining than I could with wool.

The pattern calls for an invisible zipper, but I’ve been wavering on whether or not I’ll need one with this knit.  It has a 20% stretch.  I’ll probably just baste it together to see before I go out and buy a zip.  But other than that, I’ve got all I need to get it started.


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