Up for consideration

3 Sep

So which patterns do I grace with a nod of acceptance?

First up: a Parisian chic coat


This coat looks much more tailored and chic here than it did in the model photo.  I could see this going well over jeans as well as work attire if made in an appropriate fabric.

Next: The Chanel-style jacket


Surprisingly made from a different view of the first pattern.  (Now that’s what I call a view).  Although I already have a Chanel style jacket from the Feb 2010 BurdaStyle issue that I just had to buy, it still makes my list.  I may not make this version of it, I may make the other one, but I would consider making it.

I would even consider doing another view from this pattern:  the fake fur jacket


That is, if I was up to handling fake fur.

Next up, a fitted dress:


Although I’m not a huge fan of bubble skirts, I am none-the-less glad this pattern is in my arsenal.  The fitted top with the sweetheart neckline can easily be paired with any skirt type bottom, which could easily turn this pattern into a tried and true pattern.

And although I said Burda was late to the party on this one, and it has way too many views, I still might consider making a pair of these skinny pants


I even think they look eerily similar to the winning look on last weeks Project Runway

Casanova's Design

And the last one I pick is: the gloved shirt


Which is just different enough to not be able to find it in the store, and I really think it would be a great shirt to run in.  Or if your office is freezing, it would keep your fingers warm while you type.  They also include a view without the gloves (in case you couldn’t figure out how to not sew them in)  and various views of it with holes in the shirt (seriously burda?) in case you want something just a little different.


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