What I won’t be sewing

2 Sep

I thought it would be fun to show the patterns I won’t be sewing up.. ever.

First off, the butt-crack showing mini skirt, the Burda team liked this design so much, they graced it with 3 whole views.

Even in the realm of teenagedom, which I’ve gracefully left behind, this takes the cake as the most “hello butt” skanky ass skirt I think I’ve ever seen.  I don’t think any one with a single shot of self respect will be donning this one, even after multiple shots.  The only way I can even fathom someone even remotely considering this creation is if they are wearing a pair of completely opaque tights shown on stylebubble


because then a skirt that doesn’t actually cover your ass will seem quirky and purposeful.

Another one I will not be sewing is the strangely loose and long crotched pleated pants

Which enjoys a whole 2 views in this magazine, one with the hem cuffed, and one not.  Perhaps this just looks odd on the mannequin, but it’s too loose to be tailored, and too tight to look purposefully baggy.  It’s like they considered doing a paper-bag style top and then decided not to.  Or maybe they wanted to do harem pants, but decided to just lower the crotch instead.  Whatever they did, it’s not working.


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