Burda Easy Fashion Fall 2010

25 Aug

Preview available here.

I have been checking burdastyle.de obsessivly over the past few days looking for the preview of the Fall/Winter 2010 Burda Easy Fashion mag.  (The only burda mag I currently subscribe to)  And it’s finally up!

It promises school girl looks, paris chic, and madonna inspired outfits

I’m interested in seeing the line drawings on this one

Love this dress.  It looks like it’s a combination of the circle skirt

and the halter

which you might actually be able to make some lingerie with, or put on a different skirt ( like A line or balloon) to make even more cute dresses.

Probably skinny jeans?  Though I think easy fashion is a little late to the party on that one.

I’m actually a little intrigued with the shirt with the attached fingerless gloves.  On the practical side, it would make a pretty good running shirt and on the other, well it does kinda look edgy –right?  I could even see myself wearing the shirt to work with a blazer if the heat is broken.

Now on to the crafts, which can be… interesting..

“What?!? People have been throwing Koosh balls at me and they stuck to my headband?”

“I just got a manicure!  I didn’t realize this was a party to pick up disease ridden sticks!”

Strange crafts aside, I’m pretty excited about the potential.


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