Step 1: Shorts

11 Aug

On my quest to make pants, I’ve decided to first start with shorts.  Specifically, these shorts:

from Burda Easy Fashion Spring/Summer 2010.

I like the pleating detail, and since they’re shorts, they don’t take up much fabric.

First thing I did was trace out my size and then I tried to tissue fit it to me by taping the pieces together.  What a disaster!  I don’t know who can tissue fit accurately.  My tissue fitting showed I needed a LOT more fabric around my bum, so I dutifully added more tissue until it would cover me.  Then, I cut out my pieces of fabric, quickly basted them together, and tried it on.

And guess what.. they were WAY to big!  Even though the tissue barely covered my butt, the fabric version was incredibly too large.  I ended up taking out every last bit of the added tissue.

Now, I may be doing something completely wrong in my tissue fitting method, but seriously, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

Once I got the pants to fit without falling down, I found I didn’t really like the pleating detail in my fabric after all.  That pleat needs to have a correspondingly drapey fabric to look right.  In my blue twill, it just sticks out funny.  On second thought, it may be that the thighs are too skinny, and that’s what’s making it stick out.  I’m unsure as to what I’m going to do about it though.


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