6 Aug

I know I said I would try to sew a blazer next, but truth is, I’m pretty scared of that task.  Maybe I should start with something that doesn’t require crazy interfacing techniques or pad stitching.  So I’ve moved on to pants.  Nothing wrong with a good pair of pants, right?

I doubt I’ll ever go so far as to make my own jeans, especially since I have found a brand of jeans that fits me really well.  My go-to pair of jeans are Calvin Klein slim fit boot cut jeans.  When I first found these incredible jeans, I was in middle school, and they have reliably fit me since.  (Granted I’ve had to change sizes since then)

And although I’m allowed to wear jeans to work, I’d rather not wear them every day, they do need to be washed now and then.  I need good, versatile suit pants.  I could probably find nice pants at a store, but I think the price I would pay for those pants warrants a look at sewing them.

I have this pattern from Vogue: V1051


which have gotten great reviews on Pattern Review and I like the style, minus the amount of flare in the leg, which should be easy to change.

It will take about 1.5 yards of 60″ wide fabric to make these pants, plus a zipper and two pant clasps.

Fabric: $20/yard = $30

Thread: $2.50

Zipper: $2.00

Hooks: $2.50


Plus interfacing and lining, puts it well under $50.  So considering a pair of these will run you $250 and that I’d probably pay around $100 for a nice pair of pants anyway, this is a steal.  I probably even over-estimated the price of fabric that I would end up using, but $20/yard fabric will undoubtedly be nicer than the fabric I would get in a pair of pants I would buy could afford.

Remember that my Wardrobe Plan has 4 pairs of pants that I will be wearing all year.  Really it translates into wearing each pair once a week, with different shirts and toppers to make different outfits.

If each piece is completely mix and match, I can go for more than a month without ever repeating an outfit!


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