Burda Style 08/2009

1 Aug

I received my first Burda Magazine today!  Here are my first impressions

  • There’s an entire pattern “packet” inside, it takes up about half the magazine.  I was expecting the newsprint patterns to be attached in the middle, but the directions and everything else to be in the magazine part, in the back somewhere.  It’s not, there’s a whole newsprint section that includes the patterns and instructions.
  • The entire magazine is stapled on the middle, it doesn’t have a binding on the spine like a lot of other magazines that tells you the name and the issue.  This is both a good and bad thing I think.  I’m still debating on how to organize the patterns and such, but I think putting a string through the middle and placing it in a notebook is a good option.  As I make the patterns I’ll do my zip lock bag of pattern pieces, the model photo and a picture of the finished project.  But it might be good to also have sheets of the available styles somewhere.. computer or in the notebook.  I’ll have to think about it more
  • Every picture looks like an ad.  I’m not sure why.  When I started flipping through I went right past the first couple pages because I thought they were trying to sell me a motorcycle or cologne or something.  Once I recognized a photo from online I realized that they weren’t, in fact, ads.  They were professional photos of the garments you could make, along with descriptions of the fabric and other accessories shown.
  • I had read online that some people were disappointed with how many “crafty” items there were.  There really didn’t seem like that many to me.  My first reaction was “holy crap, that’s a lot of patterns,”  which was probably compounded by the first bullet point in that half the magazine is newsprint.

In the end I’d call it more of a “pattern brochure” than a magazine.  I was kind of looking forward to the section that teaches you how to do one of the simpler patterns, but sadly that was omitted in this addition.  (I found it, it’s in the newsprint section)  I would say this magazine is geared more toward the intermediate sewer.  Someone who has had experience in doing a wide variety of sewing techniques and doesn’t need to look up or learn many new skills.  I’m not there yet.  I’m a beginner sewer.

That being said, I’m still going to attempt some of the easier patterns in this issue like this shirt

whose difficulty description is “easy to sew, with simple features.”  (and I think it’s super cute.. at least on the model)

photos from http://www.burdafashion.com


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