Wardrobe Plan

30 Jul

I’ve decided I need to begin a wardrobe plan.  I’ve been going through my clothes and throwing away everything that either doesn’t fit right or look good on me.  I’ve gained between 10-20 lbs since college, and my old clothes just don’t fit any more.  I attribute this gain to the change from a predominately pedestrian lifestyle to a predominately sitting on my arse lifestyle.  Work requires that I sit on my butt to get to work, sit on my butt in front of a computer at work, sit on my butt to get home, and then sit on my butt in front of the tv.  Well, okay, work doesn’t require that I sit on my butt in front of the tv when I get home, but that seems like what I end up doing anyway.  Oh, and on top of that, I view lunch as recess, and I like to eat out with my friends in the office.   Yes, very unhealthy.

So back to the wardrobe plan.  In throwing out most of my old college things, I’ve decided that I should come up with a wardrobe plan every season so that all of my pieces are mix/match and in style.

Work wardrobe Winter

Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore


The 4 main pieces are a black, grey, navy, and tan suit with 8 shirts and accessories.

This is more of a color/pattern/style guide than an itemization of pieces I will actually buy.  My plan is to make 1 suit (top and bottom), 2 summer shirts, and 2 winter shirts per year.  And maybe if I’m really good, I’ll be able to add some designer accessories every year.


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