Loving It: Neon

16 Aug

Neon is one of those colors from the 80’s that I both love and hate.  Maybe I hate that I love it, maybe I’d just love to hate it.  But I do know that the recent designs I’ve seen that incorporate neon are much more sophisticated than those I witnessed back in the day.

Loving: Neon

I’ve gone a little daring and paired a bright orange pant with a bright yellow/green top, but you could easily replace one or both as your tastes see fit.  And that large print hounds tooth I was drooling over in my pattern picks?  I just had to include a similar large hounds tooth print jacket here.  I think the preppy-ness of the jacket helps keep this look sophisticated.  I would pair this look with subtle nude shoes and accessories to tone it down a bit.  The pants and shirt are loud enough on their own!

Are you thinking about adding neon to your wardrobe (or maybe another bold color)?


Pattern Picks: Vogue Fall 2012

14 Aug

Vogue has come out with their Fall line up of patterns, here are some of my favorites


Love the color blocking and the lines.  It seems like it would be a very flattering dress provided the V neck doesn’t end up being too low.  I love how they color blocked it so that the lighter color is in the middle, and it gets darker toward the outside.  Instant slimming!


I love this cardigan!  I could totally see myself wearing it.  I wonder how well those folds at the top stay so perfectly folded though?  Do you think they would be kind of flappy? Anyone have experience with this style?


A quite lovely wrap top.  It’s pretty plain, but I think it looks flattering.  The fit (should) at least be easy because you can just wrap it around your body to conform, although the front might turn out gape-y.


I included this one, just because I thought the style lines were a little interesting.  The shirt is a little longer in the back than in the front, and it has some nice shaping.  I’m not too sure I like the cowl though, it seems kind of wimpy, don’t you think?


I like the one sided drape on this top (View C) the best.   A wrap dress is such a versatile thing to have in your closet!


I think I just love the fabric on this one.  Large hounds tooth anyone?  Don’t mind if I do.


This coat shape was all over the runways this year.  I’m not sure who (other than models) can pull it off though.   Instead of defining the waist, they have added more fabric making a kind of egg shape.  Obviously super skinny super tall people look okay in it, but would a normal person?  Would the extra fabric disguise a little bit of a tummy, or highlight it?  This is one of those shapes I’d have to find in a store and try it on before I wasted my time (and fabric) trying to sew it!

What were your favorites?  Have you ever taken a chance with a clothing shape?

Make This Look: Calvin Klein Fall 2012

13 Aug

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.  I don’t know about you, but I was majorly side tracked by the Olympics.  Now that they’re over, I’m hoping to  get back on the blog train with some more regular posting. Starting with Make This Look Monday (oh how I love alliteration).  Once August rolls around, I always find myself thinking about Fall, even though it is still blazing hot, and not due to cool down any time soon!  Something about back to school shopping makes the promise of a break in the heat seem just around the corner.  I could totally see myself in this winter white coat by Calvin Klein, complete with silver belt and knee high boots.  Meeeooow!

Make This Look: Calvin Klein Fall 2012


So tell me, did you find yourself wrapped up in the Olympic spirit too?

Magic Upside Down Spray Bottle

8 Aug

I saw this on Pinterest the other day and just had to share.


It’s a spray bottle that sprays upside down, and the best part is you can make virtually any spray bottle do this!

All you need is some flexible piping the same diameter as the current straw, and some washers for weights.  Just make sure your bottle doesn’t leak when you turn it upside down!  For some reason I always find myself needing to spray upside down.  This method should let your spray bottle work at a wide variety of different angles, letting you get that very last drop out much easier.

Have you ever done this to your bottles?  Have you ever hacked your cleaning supplies to work better?

Burda Style August 2012

7 Aug

Well August is well on its way, and I haven’t given you my pattern picks for the August issue of Burda Style.  The horror!

Well, here they are



A very pretty scarf like neckline shirt.  Can’t wear a jacket with it though, it completely loses its appeal when viewed from the front.



A plain, but wearable dress.  The gathered neckline and raglan sleeves should make it easier to fit at least.  Not quite sure about the shiny material though.  Or the birdcage.  Who walks around holding a birdcage anyway?  Maybe she’s sad her bird didn’t much like the ugly cage she picked out for it and now she has to throw it away?



Another scarfy neckline top.  This time, the scarf is in the front.




A peplum top, one of the trends from the spring.



A very nice dress.   In black it’s hard to see the construction lines, so here they are

D0esn’t that look nice?

and finally



An inverse kick pleat.  I don’t know about you, but when I golf, I do it in heals and look confused by passing birds.


Well, there you have it folks, my picks for August.  What did you like?  Do you ever give the models commentary or a back story?

Loving it: Purple Passion

3 Aug
Loving Purple
I’m loving a bold sparkly print top paired with a bright colored jacket and matching shoes.  The look has been tempered by basic jeans and a simple textured purse.  When I was little I was always attracted to the geology section of science centers, so I’ve added a fun little gem for the kid in me.

Simple Sewing With a French Twist

2 Aug


When I checked out Simple Sewing with a French Twist from the library, I thought it would be a technique book for some reason.  It is not.  It’s a pattern book!  And also quite thick


With any pattern book, I recommend checking out out from your local library like I did or thumbing through it at the book store before purchasing.  That way you’ll know if you are actually interested in the patterns it contains.

There were a couple of cute ideas in there like covering the back of a chair with buttons


or a bathrobe wrap


and even a bean bag and parasol


All of the patterns are super simple, so they (mostly) just require a ruler.  In some instances they include a pattern, but you have to copy it at a copy shop with a certain % enlargement.  There is a small section in the beginning which describes some basic sewing and seam finishing techniques.

It was a fun book to look at, but probably not one I would purchase.  I felt like I could figure out how to do most of the projects in the book, and the ones I couldn’t you needed to have a specific object like the skeleton of the parasol around to do.

So I give it 3 spools out of 5.